False assumptions from F|A clan

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    I got told that F|A clan thinks I'm dosing their servers.

    Well I don't even know where to start because of how much that makes no sense.
    What would be the benefit of me doing so, as an ET hack developer?
    None, less servers equals less players equals less people wanting to cheat.
    What I think is happening is that since the trust system prevents F|A from obtaining my hack (and they tried many times) that works on their servers, they craft false things against me as it is their last resort, pathetic. Why? Because instead of improving their anti-cheat they waste their time doing that, they are so proud they didn't even think of asking me to tell them how their AC is flawed.
    Remember, I don't do that for money (unlike them), sure I "ask" for donation but imagine if I was distributing my hack for free to everyone, would that be any better?
    Secondly, I specifically asked all donators that I trust to not heavily cheat on on their servers, and so far it as been followed.
    Thirdly, I have been in the ET hacking community since more than 10 years (nixcoders, rabbnix), way before FA even existed, I don't care about this clan, if they didn't give their AC to other etpro servers I wouldn't even have bothered looking into it.
    Lastly, ddos, really? I wouldn't spend a dime for that.

    Find someone else to focus on and settle your clan quarrel elsewhere thank you.

  • @Annihil Sorry to read this, buddy, hold on there...

  • Fa are a bit Snobbish think there are only server, etc. There are some good guys on Fa but a lot of A-Holes that's why I don't play there servers. I appreciate your work and efforts to improve as do most I think. The biggest problem is so many A-holes hack and go over board, my god some have 90% accuracy and you get killed stepping out of spawn. I don't use 70% of what Nexus can do and no wall hack except to see once in a while for A-holes as mentioned. Keep up good work and FA really stands for FAT ASS server.

    Cheers mate

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