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    Good day everyone,

    On this corona virus confinement period, I've decided to drop my private ET Launcher.


    • List servers
    • See server info
      • Name & IP
      • Mod & mod version
      • Gametype: Objective, Campaign, Stopwatch
      • Duration of the map
      • Current map
      • Current number of players & max slots
      • Friendly Fire state
      • Balanced Teams state
      • Axis & Allies respawn times
      • Teams by column: players with their name and XP
    • Filter servers by (down chevron):
      • empty
      • mod
    • Set additional launch parameters to ET

    To join a server, press the white Play icon near the picture of the current map.
    To copy the server's IP click on it.


    Download Electron ET for Windows

    Enjoy and stay safe 🙂

  • Thank you for this, really helpful!

    Venant d'un Belge en self-isolement au Canada :D

    Ps : I can't seem to be able to launch ETH annihilation from this launcher. Any solution ?

  • admin

    @loolilol Hehe thanks man :) and take care!
    What is the error when you try to launch it with Electron ET?
    It should be working fine .. :/

    PS: Canada rox ❤

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  • @playerx99 if you are not subnet ban (meaning the first 2 byte of your IP banned), then resetting your router might give you a new not banned IP.
    Otherwise using a VPN yes. There are many free and fast ones.

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  • C

    @playerx99 Resetting your router will potentially give you a new IP.

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  • P

    @Annihil There is only 2 ways I know of to change ip
    1: new internet provider
    2: VPN

    is there any other way?

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  • @ColdogMC you have to change IP as well

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