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    You may have noticed that even on a brand new computer and even using the latest ET:Legacy, your graphic card struggles to get a decent amount of frames per second on ET ...
    After searching online and noticing that this is a common issue on newer nVidia and ATI cards, a solution appears to use this cvar:

    r_primitives 2

    Basically it's GL stuff

    r_primitives [-1|0|1|2]
    -1 = skips drawing
    0 = uses glDrawelements if compiled vertex arrays are present, or strips of glArrayElement if not.
    1 = force strips
    2 = force drawElements

    After setting it to 2, the game should run at 125 FPS stable 😊

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    Thanks for sharing even that it was already pretty known (its the same for the old et) some servers have it also saying in there banners.

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    @Gertjan I was not aware of that! Thanks

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    @Annihil wow great thanks

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  • @playerx99 yes it's straightforward

    set visual1 "set visual vstr visual2; nex_set wallhack 0; nex_set esp 0" set visual2 "set visual vstr visual1; nex_set wallhack 1; nex_set esp 1" set visual "vstr visual1" bind x "vstr visual"

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    @Annihil Thanks so much I think many will like this option, again great work. I'm not good at binds but can anyone make a single key bind, You press a key and hold wallhack on let go wallhack off or press key on then press it again it off rather than using 2 separate keys?

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    @Annihil ok thank you very much Annihil (:

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