Headsot problem

  • Re: Nexus Annihilation I have a problem, I turned off headshot but when playing it always seems to be headshot kills. Last game someone commented way too much. Is there another setting so it will hit the body more than the head? Can you check if is this a glitch?

  • @playerx99 set the "all weapons vecZ" to a lower number. I normally run mine around 5.25 and 5.50. Adjust setting as needed till you have what you need.
    Hope this helps you

  • @Acnologia tried but still same every time I shoot with aim on either way it always is a head shot. Most time I only use wall hack without aim so don't want every shot to head. Thanks for reply tho

  • Under your Human aim settings what do you have the horizontal and vertical speed set to? if they are too high or in the negitives (E.G -0.01) it will do that due to what I would guess best as a uncalculated adjustment in the programs settings

  • @Acnologia
    These are my settings basically only changed a few items from when I downloaded so most are defaults

    Auto aim Off
    Aim key left click (I use my mouse to move and shoot is this a problem?)
    Aimbot FOV 2.00
    Target priority crosshair
    Taget lock off
    Add/dec by value 1.0
    Auto vecZ off
    All wepons vsecZ 5.50
    Stern verZ 6.50
    Scoped vecZ 6.50
    Sniper delay 400.00
    Anti overheat On
    Head only Off
    Draw aim point Off
    Target projection 0.00

    Human Aim
    Human aim off
    Human value 0.20
    DivHuman 2.40
    Vertical Speed 2.00
    Horizontal speed 0.90

    Anything you see needs adjustment or better let me know, I appreciate the help.

  • @playerx99 For your aim key, I don't see a problem there, but I would suggest Right click so you have the option of using the aimbot.
    but out of all your settings the only one I would suggest turning down is you human aim's Vertical Speed from 2.00 to somewhere around 1-1.50
    in the mean time imma run these setting and see if I can replicate your issue

  • @Acnologia Thanks for having a look, I use my mouse to move and shoot (left button shoot, middle wheel select gun, push it open doors etc and right to move forward) so don't want to use for aimbot will use CTRL key that works for me. will adjust Vertical speed and try again. I have also downloaded Nexus again for clean install and will reset all to same variables to see. Thanks again

  • @playerx99 Did Re-install same thing always head shot very annoying any ideas

  • @playerx99 dude your human aimbot is off turn it on

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    @mongolio the problem is that ET has very few active players nowadays, so most users want to stay anonymous playing on their favorite servers...
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