How to force Enemy Territory to run without 3D acceleration

  • admin

    When ET outputs an error like

    GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem.

    You can force ET to load without OpenGL 3D acceleration with this trick

    +set r_allowSoftwareGL 1

    You will get very low FPS, this is for testing purpose only (VM for example)






  • D

    Dosen't work for me, I am playing on the new legacy version and no menu is showing up when pressing the key, but the game load perfectly. (Legacy 2.76)

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  • P

    @playerx99 Never mind corrupt pak file re-installed et and all is working now

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  • P

    Joining server I always was able to play, F9 key not bringing up aimbot settings even in spectate. Tried several servers that it worked before, downloaded latest zip file and copied over files cleared settings to just username and password still not working?

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    @Annihil Well - I have pretty much experience in Linux and have more then 10 yrs exp in programing language. Recently I have tried to compile the ETH hack 64 bit which available here and found some compilation issues but didn't get time to resolve them.

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