Nexus Annihilation

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    I'm proud to present

    Nexus Annihilation is a Windows port of ETH Annihilation, with some improvements.
    This logo was designed by Adawolfa, but he is not related in any way to this project.

    Games lack the feeling of ownership, cheating and modding is about not being a slave of a game or rules with a model which is vaguely the same as everyone else.
    Restrictions are bad but owning the game creates a unique self experience. If there's no feeling of ownership, there is no fun. - Nseven

    Features / Settings

    • AIMBOT
      • Auto aim
      • Aim key Left click / Right click / Middle click / Ctrl / Shift
      • Aimbot FOV 0 → 360 Adjust the aimbot's scan angle
      • Target lock To prevent aim snapping between close enemies
        When pressing the aimbot key, it will select a target that will be locked until releasing the aimbot key (even if the target dies)
        Locked target will have its name in cyan and surrounded by arrows
      • Add/dec by value 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 / 10 / 100 Adjust by how much you want to increment or decrement value in the menu
      • Auto vecZ Auto adjust the aim point's height
      • All weapons vecZ Adjust the aim point's height
      • Sten vecZ
      • Scoped vecZ
      • Sniper delay Delay of sniper shots when autoshooting (in ms)
      • Anti overheat Prevent sten and MG overheating when autoshooting
      • Head only Aimbot only aims at head
      • Draw aim point
      • Target projection 0.005 vs players, 0.050 vs bots
    • Humanized Aimbot
      • Human aim
      • Human value 0.40 (obvious) → 0.10 (hard to spot) (1.0 = pure aimbot) Adjust how much humanized the aim will look
      • DivHuman 1.00 → 2.00 Maximum distance between the target and the crosshair
      • Vertical Speed 1.00 (correct) → 2.00 (very fast)
      • Horizontal Speed 1.00 (correct) → 1.5 (very fast)
    • Visual
      • TrisGun Display your gun as polygons (configurable with /r_triscolor "[r] [g] [b] [a]")
      • Picmip hack Force r_picmip to 20 to remove textures
      • Colored Sky Change the color of the sky (configurable with /nex_skyColor [r] [g] [b])
      • Spawntimer Display opponent team spawn time
      • Remove weapon zoom
      • Smoke Leave normal / Make transparent / Remove completely
      • Tree & Leaves removal
      • Radar
      • Damage indicator Off / Health only / Damage only / Health & Damage
      • No recoil Crosshair will not move while firing with SMG
      • No damage feedback Crosshair will not move while being hit
      • Run scoped Allow to run with K43/Garand/FG42 scoped
    • ESP
      • Wallhack
      • Wallhack colors customization
      • Chams Glow / Flat / Quake3 / Transparent Flat / Plasma / Ghost
      • ESP size Distance scaled / Static
      • ESP Fade color toggle Auto / Manual
      • Name ESP
      • Spawn shield
      • Class & Weapon ESP
      • Entity ESP
      • Entity ESP Distance 500 → Unlimited
    • Spycam
      • Mortars cam
      • Mortars cam height 300 → 1000
      • Panzer cam
      • Satchel cam
      • Mirror cam
      • Grenade cam
      • Rifle cam
      • Rifle cam height 300 → 1000
    • Misc
      • Block SS On to block AC Screenshot / Off for clean AC Screenshot
      • Speedhack Fast prone/crouch on some mods, slightly faster movements
      • Bunnyhop To always jump
      • TJBot Toggles the trickjump bot (on ETJump mod)
      • Activate No Lean Will not lean if pressing +activate
    • Internal
      • Picmip hack Lowest texture detail possible (to distinguish enemies more easily)
      • CVAR unlocker
      • CVAR range hack

    Menu key is F9.
    Most of the settings are configurable from the in game GUI menu, and are loaded and saved in nex_settings.ini file.

    Interesting Cvar to mess with

    Cvar Value Description
    r_picmip 16 Set texture detail to the lowest
    r_intensity 2.5 Add luminescence to the game
    r_gunx 7 Change x position of the gun
    r_guny -3 Change y position of the gun
    r_gunz 2 Change z position of the gun
    r_drawfoliage 0 Hide foliage
    cg_atmosphericEffects 0 Disable Atmospheric Effects (like rain)
    r_wolffog 0 Disable fog
    r_shownormals 1 Display the normal of every polygons faces
    r_showtris 1 Display polygons edges
    r_overbrightbits 999 Remove shadow
    r_mapoverbrightbits 999 Brighten map
    r_bonesdebug 2 Show skeletons and polygons of the player models
    r_triscolor 0 0 0 1 Change color of polygons to black

    Cvar from this list are safe to tweak, however, some other cvar might be caught as cvar violation by punkbuster, check /pb_cvarlist


    • CL GUID (on non pb protected servers only)
    • ETPro GUID
    • SilEnt GUID (sil_guid)
    • SilEnt hardware identification (cg_ident)
    • Nitmod GUID (nit_guid)
    • Nitmod MAC address (x)
    • Jaymod MAC address (cl_mac)
    • Black Screenshot (PBSS /pb_sv_getss / Nitmod SS /getss)
    • Screenshot blocker (SilEnt mod /takess)

    The first time you will run Nexus, a random cl_guid, etpro_guid, n_guid, sil_guid and mac (for Jaymod and Nitmod) will be generated in nex_settings.ini.
    If you want a new random one, simply delete one of those lines.


    • /nex_set [var] [value] command to change the bot' settings in-game using console command
    • /nex_load [file].ini command to load settings from an ini file
    • /nex_save [file].ini command to save settings to an ini file
    • /nex_spray Send Nexus Annihilation spray to the chat
    • /nex_forceCvar [cvar name] [cvar value] command to force an ET cvar to the given value
    • /nex_skyColor [r] [g] [b] command to define sky's color


    • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 and 64 bit)
    • ET 2.60b
    • ETPub all
    • ETPro 3.2.6
    • Jaymod 2.2.0
    • SilEnt 0.8.x - 0.9.0
    • NQ 1.2.7 → 1.2.9
    • Nitmod 2.3.x
    • Legacy 2.76

    Detection Status

    • PunkBuster Proof
    • NxAC Proof
    • Silent AC Proof
    • UnityHub Proof
    • F|A AntiCheat Proof (trusted members only)

    How to use

    • Download [Link only visible to donators]
    • Extract it
    • Fill the username= and password= lines in nex_settings.ini with your forum credentials
    • If required, run Nexus as administrator
    • Annihilate!


    Check my YouTube channel


    v57 & Good Annihilation :)

    Big thanks to @Jesseh and @Gertjan for their help

  • admin

    Build feb23 (mandatory update)

    • Arty ESP with countdown added
    • Mortars ESP with countdown + trajectories added
    • Auth system improved: error handling, check for update
    • No need to copy pk3 to etmain anymore (safer and more user friendly)

  • admin

    Build mars4 (mandatory update)

    • NoQuarter 1.2.3 support
    • NQ 1.2.7 support
    • Nitmod 2.3 support
    • Black Screenshot for Nitmod
    • Screenshot blocker for SilEnt mod
    • SilEnt mod scoped sniper black bars removal
    • cg_ident & sil_guid spoofing
    • cvar hack now punkbuster proof

  • admin

    Build mars6

    • Tree / Leaves removal
    • Target lock
    • Target projection
    • Legacy mod 2.75 support

  • admin

    Build mars7

    • Thirdperson weapons chams
    • Pickups (ammo, medpack, weapons) chams
    • No visuals in Limbo
    • Hide helmets
    • Hide head hud

  • admin

    Build mars11

    • ETPro NoRecoil
    • HP & Damage Arrow indicator

    • Dead players cham & esp
    • Better target lock algorithm (no more snapping)
      When you press the aimbot key, it will select a target that will be locked until you release the aimbot key (even if the target dies)
    • /nex_spray command

  • admin

    Build mars15

    • Aimkey now configurable in the menu (Left click / Right click / Middle click / Ctrl / Shift)
    • No more +aimbot bind

  • admin

    Build mars26

    • Added No Recoil option in menu
    • Added No Damage Feedback option in menu
    • Added Run Scoped option in menu
    • Added support for ETPro on ET:Legacy server (NBS)

  • How come you call it a donation when its a fixed amount? :( No way a poor uni student can afford this

  • admin

    As a student who need to work to pay his tuition, I understand.
    But I think it's worth the amount, other undetected cheats are a lot more expensive.

  • Can you add CGAC support as well?

  • admin

    It's working fine with CGAC!
    I added the procedure to follow to make it work :)

  • how can i cancel up the annihil nexus near radar i want cancel it...
    pls fix it...

  • admin

    Only donators can hide it

  • admin

    Build April27 (mandatory update)

    • Added new commands
      • /nex_nameCR Rename to carriage return non printable characters (makes frags line bug)
      • /nex_nameNL Rename to new line non printable characters (also makes frags line bug)
      • /nex_nameEmptyENQ / FF / SO / Space Rename to Enquiry / New page Form Feed / Shift Out / Space non printable characters (empty name)

  • This bot is amazing. I can "donate" for it. How will you know that the gold is from me?

  • admin

    Hi, well you can just add a note saying it's from you :)

  • It doesn't work anymore

  • admin

    Could you please explain why are you saying that, and also give some details?

  • Annihil,
    any idea how to unban me from servers ?
    Do i have to change my IP ?

  • @orhanpap check first if you are IP banned, otherwise you can use a VPN, your mobile hotspot or restart your modem if you have dynamic IP

    read more
  • O

    @Annihil how to change ip

    read more
  • Well I may have some ideas on how to solve your problems but it seems you are very new to linux...
    I wouldn't recommend starting by compiling ETH if you don't have any knowledge about that OS, AFAIK eth-1.4-archit3ct-b3 does not compile on Ubuntu 64 bits (libghf which depends on libelf, libbfd and libopcodes will cause you headaches). That is why I started modifying it till it was so different that it eventually became eth-annihilation, which I later ported to Windows since nobody were playing ET on linux anymore, so I haven't touched Linux since 2017, I would have hard time helping you if I'm honest.
    That said, eth-1.4-archit3ct-b3 is fairly old and outdated, you wouldn't be able to play on any mods nowadays except etpro and perhaps etpub. If you still really want to do that, look at sETH32nix, eth32nix salvation or resurrection which are the best hacks for raging ever made for ET.

    read more
  • @orhanpapo delete nguid's line, delete etkey, change IP, you're good to go

    read more