• Anyone can approve this or its just my et is fucked up ?

  • @Vovo47 said in Nexus Annihilation:

    Anyone can approve this or its just my et is fucked up ?

    Had the same problem, deleting the mod folder worked for me.

  • admin

    @Vovo47 it is highly likely due to custom pk3 files

    Can you remove everything but those files


    and try again?

  • thx all it worked <3

  • hello, I would like to see how to place the black borders when placing the sniper sight? it's possible?

  • admin

    @kkseca What do you mean? Do you want to remove black borders of scoped snipers, if so, on which mod?
    Or do you just want to move them? This is not possible (with cvar).

  • @Annihil no, I want to add the black borders of the sniper, because when I use the sniper I see the whole screen without the borders.

  • admin

    @kkseca ah ok, I didn't think anyone would want those bars so I removed them on all mods, I will add an option in the next update

  • @Annihil It would be great, thanks for your quick reply.

  • nexus should be so big by now, when will you guys run your own server, so you can find out who is the best hax.
    /connect nex.annihil.com
    that would be awesome

  • admin

    @wichi I don't think it should, and it is also not the best bot for HvH.
    I have tried my best to have as few users as possible, so that it does not impact the experience of ET players significantly and that I can take care of all the issues found.
    Also ET is a dead game, no more new players, only 10 non empty servers... so Nexus cannot become a big thing.
    This hack is made for "legit cheating", and members like it.

    @Gertjan already opened an HvH but so few people connected that he shutdown the server.
    If more members want it, it can be re-opened!
    Tell us what mod would you like as well.

  • mod

    @Annihil Thats some big truth there! ET is indeed not active anymore some old people will keep playing it but for a new generation its a no.

  • This post is deleted!
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    This post is deleted!

  • How do I download this?
    Do I have to donate? If so how much?

    I just got back into playing ET after not playing for almost 15 years. I never thought there would be servers with real people on them still but surprisingly there is a number of servers to choose from.


  • mod

    @Uncertainty Hello, Welcome to the forum! Once you donated you will be able to use nexus using your forum credentials (Login & pass from forum) so far i can see the price is 50 EUR now once you donated you will have to wait untill annihil ranks you so you can use it.

  • @Gertjan
    Thank you for the reply.
    That's significant donation, I'm from Canada so it's almost $80 CDN. Especially considering it's a free game. But I get it you're paying for the work put into Nexus Annihilation.
    I have a LOT of time in on Wolf ET. I'm 40 years old now, it came out when I was in my early 20's. I definitely consider myself a PC Gaming Enthusiast. My boss at the computer store I worked at 20 years ago was the first person to call me an "Enthusiast" after I bought a $700 video card.
    I would say I have more hours playing ET than any other game. I am fairly decent player, I was part of clan back when ET first came out and played in competition. When I play now I'm one the best players on every server I join. I definitely don't feel the need to "cheat" to be better at the game but watching the videos it does open up new possibilities and add new layers of enjoyment for the me in the game.

    Could you please state what exactly I'm getting for the donation. The software obviously but is it for life? All updates? Troubleshooting? And this is undetectable by almost all servers? Is there a list of servers to avoid while using this?

    It's been soooo long since I played ET I had forgotten so much. Watching the Nexus videos reminding me of a lot of things. The config file I had made to turn off smoke, explosions, turn the crossair into a dot etc etc.

    Forgive me, I'm just trying to decide whether $80 is worth it or not? It does seem like the person who wrote the program did put a lot of work into and did an excellent job. Still $80 for a free game I just started playing after almost 15years away from it is a hard sell. Have a few more responsibilities in life than I did when Wolf ET came out lol..

    Thanks for your time

  • admin

    @uncertainty I understand your concerns, I believe it depends on how you intend to use Nexus, it is meant for legit cheating, and is excelling at this purpose, with a plethora of options for maximum versatility.
    Read the first post of this thread carefully, it will help you make an educated decision.
    Regarding Canada, other Canadian members did not find the price too steep, and same goes for most members from countries with a far lower GDP.
    That is right, it is a one-off donation.
    Oh and I increase the price from time to time, mostly to keep Nexus exclusive.

  • I'm genuinely surprised that a person with a background like Uncertanity's is interested in buying a cheat for the game he loves so much. If you already are "one the best players on every server" they why buy the cheat? You can have pretty clean config without cheats . Just come and have fun on fair grounds, be a man, not a wuss!

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    @dianabol as annihil said seems it was a issue that is resolved now reset your password here https://annihil.com/reset also watch out with posting your password here.

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  • @dianabol that should be fixed now, please reset your pw once again
    sorry about that

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    @gertjan yes, all that has been checked 20 times. my password is 123456789 and the username is dianabol. cant make a mistake. the problem is still present

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    @dianabol Hi, sorry for the delayed response your username is "dianabol" make sure it says correct username=dianabol in config. also make sure the uppercase or lowercase you use in ur password is exact same in config so in config password=password123 - password123 must be your account password meaning password123 is just a example i give.

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