Nexus Annihilation

  • New build (mandatory update) NoQuarter mod support improved animation speed hack: instant crouch / prone / playdead cvar unlocker: no more server forced & restricted cvar cg_gunx, cg_guny & cg_gunz cvar added back


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  • @awilddog IIRC there is the Mario etpub server for HvH, it's online from time to time

    @mongolio the problem is that ET has very few active players nowadays, so most users want to stay anonymous playing on their favorite servers...
    I know I could make that feature optional but then I'm not sure it will be used a lot

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  • M

    How about a feature that shows other Nexus users on the server in the HUD, and maybe a built-in chat?

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  • A

    used to use Eth32, nRHook and Crush3r but I take it thats no longer supported. I recently came back into ET and am looking to start playing again like old days. Is there still aimbot specific servers? Would love to have fun like old days

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