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    The history of Gammajumping

    Let it be known that the term gammajumping is used by at least 90% of ET trickjumpers. However, a popular term doesn't mean that it's the correct term. The legend of gammajumping began when Gamma made his first trickjump map called Gammajump. This map was the first ET trickjump map that could be finished by just strafing and bunnyhopping. As you might have guessed by now, the correct term for gammajumping is bunnyhopping. It is uncertain who were the geniuses who understood gamma as a jumping style, but they must have been either quite good trickjumpers at the time or a relatively big group to have people listen and believe their words.

    The correct term still remains unknown for many players and the spread of misinformation will continue every day because of people teaching their false knowledge to new generations. Hell, this is the way how the Bible was created; False knowledge created by the imagination of some person who had the authority and the respect of the people at the time.

    Good to know

    • Gammajump was created 23.7.2003
    • To reach the best performance of bunnyhopping in ET you need to learn strafing properly
    • You can bunnyhop in almost every first person shooter game

    What is bunnyhopping?

    Bunnyhopping is not a random name for the technique, because the actual technique is exactly same as bunnies hopping around in the nature. Jump in the air and jump again immediately after you land. Repeat this method many times and you can see how you move faster from place to place. Bunnyhopping looks most impressive in Quake engine based games such as Quake (1-3), Warsow, Enemy Territory, and many other less popular games where you can move faster by bunnyhopping. For Quake players, bunnyhopping is one of the major features of the game that makes the game what it is; A fast-paced, non-stop action game. However, there are games where the bunnyhopping is despised, and even forbidden as a cheat.

    Counter-Strike players are used to their slow-paced movement in the gameplay and most of the players are highly against bunnyhopping due to it making the game unrealistic. The bunnyhopping itself is quite hard in the game and very slow-paced compared to Enemy Territory, which makes it a laughstock for trickjumpers in ET. All that long training for nothing you could say. Due to it being hard for the CS players, someone has created bunnyhop scripts that make you jump instantly after you land. They use it to jump on stable ground while in Quake there's similar script used to jump upstairs. These scripts can be detected by some CS anticheat programs, giving the player a lifetime ban. Kinda harsh you think? Well, fortunately there are other games where you can hop as much as you'd like to, infact, there's one game that was based on bunnyhopping.

    Warsow is a game based on Quake II engine. The game has been given "The most fast-paced online shooter" -award by various pc-gaming websites. This game is a paradise for the trickjumpers. There's a race mode for trickjump challenges, a bunnyhopping tutorial built ingame, and two different movement styles (Old movement/New movement) for the players to choose from. The new movement mode is interesting since you don't have to strafe to gain more speed, you can gain speed by moving forward and bunnyhopping. Very simple and very entertaining.

    Bunnyhopping in games:

    • In ET you can bunnyhop only to lower platforms
    • In CS you can bunnyhop to lower platforms and with scripts on stable ground
    • In Quake series you can bunnyhop on stable ground and even up the hill



  • This article was written by huPo, but somehow it seems different now.

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    Hi @NoName, I've added according credit.

  • Or we could just prevent the pk3 from applying custom shit to ET

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    yeah just develop a .dll with function hooking on CL_InitDownloads that does nothing and inject it while using some cheat that allow unpure .pk3 and you will bypass download of custom shit but also maps so make sure you already have em...

    this is the address of the function on 2.60b 0x428AD0

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  • Well I may have some ideas on how to solve your problems but it seems you are very new to linux...
    I wouldn't recommend starting by compiling ETH if you don't have any knowledge about that OS, AFAIK eth-1.4-archit3ct-b3 does not compile on Ubuntu 64 bits (libghf which depends on libelf, libbfd and libopcodes will cause you headaches). That is why I started modifying it till it was so different that it eventually became eth-annihilation, which I later ported to Windows since nobody were playing ET on linux anymore, so I haven't touched Linux since 2017, I would have hard time helping you if I'm honest.
    That said, eth-1.4-archit3ct-b3 is fairly old and outdated, you wouldn't be able to play on any mods nowadays except etpro and perhaps etpub. If you still really want to do that, look at sETH32nix, eth32nix salvation or resurrection which are the best hacks for raging ever made for ET.

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  • Well so first of all ETLegacy is a game and a mod, you don't need ETL to play on servers running Legacy mod. The benefits of ETL, on the top of my head, is that it works on much more devices than 2.60b, for example Mac OS X Catalina, Linux 64 bits, Raspberry Pi, Android and even PS Vita.
    It also fixes the pain points of ET with built-in minimizer, auto desktop resolution, etkey generator.
    Now, if you are using Windows 10, ETL will not give you any substantial benefits over 260b if you are using Nexus. I have benchmarked ETL 277 and ET 260b, and 260b gives me higher framerate, which matters if you are using Nexus. You can use ETWC to mininize ET, I added an etkey generator in Nexus, and it is very easy to use a custom resolution with cvars on 260b. Also ETL does not support ETPro / Punkbuster.
    Nexus does not support ETL, but Legacy mod via 260b.

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