How to crash an Enemy Territory server on adlernest map

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    A funny thing to do in war, or in pub, is to wait for adlernest to be played, and profit of its vulnerable script to shutdown the server.

    How to crash the server

    1. Join the Allies team
    2. At the beginning of the map, run as fast as you can by taking the left exit of the spawn
    3. Before the tank at the left of the spawn shot and break the wall, you have to fire bullets on this very wall

    The server will shutdown:

    ERROR: G_Scripting: alertentity cannot find targetname "sidewall"
    ----- Server Shutdown -----
    Sending heartbeat to
    ==== ShutdownGame ====






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    can any tell me why my et is closing after 1-2 mins or even less?:(

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