How to crash an Enemy Territory server using team command

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    The Quake3 engine has a security vulnerability which is not fixed to this day.
    Q3 engine provides the ability to switch team using the /team <red/blue/s> command.
    As Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is based on the Q3 engine, it is also affected.

    How to make the server crash

    1. Check that both axis and allies teams are empty
    2. Enter /team follow2
    3. If necessary, click one time.

    Server has now crashed.





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    I'll try it later to see if it has been resolved. Thanks for the awareness.

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    @Annihil Also the time when you post stuff bugs it says you put it 6 mins ago, then 1 min and it keeps change the time when u send chat messages and post replys the time it shows when u post it is not correct

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  • This should be fixed now 🙂

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    @Annihil Yes true, when u open ET go to masterlist and try to join a game when u downloaded all files and stuff and try join the game (map) ET just closes.

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