How to crash an Enemy Territory server using WeaponStats command

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    Enemy Territory is developped in C, which is a low level language which requires developpers to manage memory allocations by their own.

    Sometimes, proper check of cvar length is not done, and a buffer overflow can happen.

    This is the case of the WeaponStats cvar.
    So to crash a server, you just have to type

    /ws 9999999

    Unpatched servers will crash and every players will be disconnected.





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  • @playerx99 hahaha yeah that works too, you can even move house to change IP!
    I forgot, but also using your phone with internet tethering works fine!

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  • P

    @Annihil thanks, other way is get a new router from internet provider say something wrong with old one :)

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  • @playerx99 if you are not subnet ban (meaning the first 2 byte of your IP banned), then resetting your router might give you a new not banned IP.
    Otherwise using a VPN yes. There are many free and fast ones.

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