Enemy Territory special character name

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    You may have encountered funny names such as

    Well, on non punkbuster protected servers, you can use this charmap.


    How to use

    1. Copy special character (the one from the lines with unrecognized square characters, not the symbol images)
    2. Go to etmain folder and create funname.cfg
    3. Add your special characters between the double quotes
    set name ""
    1. In game, /exec funname





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    its was the ip I was wondering, got it

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  • The initial post explains how to change GUIDs

    The first time you will run Nexus, a randomcl_guid, etpro_guid, n_guid, sil_guid and mac (for Jaymod and Nitmod) will be generated in nex_settings.ini.
    If you want a new random one, simply delete one of those lines.

    To change your IP, you have to use another connection / VPN / etc

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    How do you change ip address and GUID ? probably most don't know how to do this.


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  • @Zimkoli yes most likely, change ip address, GUIDs, player name, etconfig, remove the mod folder

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