Enemy Territory special character name

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    You may have encountered funny names such as

    Well, on non punkbuster protected servers, you can use this charmap.


    How to use

    1. Copy special character (the one from the lines with unrecognized square characters, not the symbol images)
    2. Go to etmain folder and create funname.cfg
    3. Add your special characters between the double quotes
    set name ""
    1. In game, /exec funname





  • @playerx99 hahaha yeah that works too
    I forgot, but also using your phone with internet tethering works fine!

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  • P

    @Annihil thanks, other way is get a new router from internet provider say something wrong with old one :)

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  • @playerx99 if you are not subnet ban (meaning the first 2 byte of your IP banned), then resetting your router might give you a new not banned IP.
    Otherwise using a VPN yes. There are many free and fast ones.

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  • C

    @playerx99 Resetting your router will potentially give you a new IP.

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