How to trace Anti Cheat calls in Enemy Territory

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    Well, one way to do it is to use strace utility.

    sudo strace -e 'trace=!read,recvfrom,recvmsg,stat64,sched_yield,sendto,clock_gettime,getpid,rt_sigreturn,rt_sigaction,fstat64,write,futex,mmap,mmap2,munmap,ioctl,_llseek,close' -e 'signal=!all' -p `pidof et.x86`

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    @playerx99 never mind again corrupt .pk3 file all good

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    Got a new modeum now my F9 key wont bring up menu, not sure why is it something with program thinks someone else using and locked out? Can you check, I downloaded again installed new put in username and password wont work. Tried several servers that I know works on. Let me know


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  • @userasdf It's alright, it's life.

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    it has nothing to do with the guide
    the F | A servers introduced a private anti cheat because I raged 24/7
    the anti cheat will check the cgame.dll md5 checksum if it does not match the server that the slot will block you to join the team
    nexus annihil, however, needs his manipulated cgame.dll to make the hooks work
    annihil has to find a completely new method to bypass that

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