How to trace Anti Cheat calls in Enemy Territory

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    Well, one way to do it is to use strace utility.

    sudo strace -e 'trace=!read,recvfrom,recvmsg,stat64,sched_yield,sendto,clock_gettime,getpid,rt_sigreturn,rt_sigaction,fstat64,write,futex,mmap,mmap2,munmap,ioctl,_llseek,close' -e 'signal=!all' -p `pidof et.x86`

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    Game crash after few min, what to do? Anyone?

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  • P

    @Annihil I know I can reconnect just wondering why this happens, is it an admin code that causes it? not a problem though and bot works well

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  • @playerx99 you can change IP and player name or even guid and you will be able to reconnect before being kicked

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    Have a question, every once in a while while playing can get kicked or at end of a game kicked and when I view players I'm still there (a ghost player?) but ping is 999. Cannot rejoin the game until my ghost player has gone.Is there a way around this, is there a code someone is typing in to cause ping to spike, is this happening to other players. Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

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