How to trace Anti Cheat calls in Enemy Territory

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    Well, one way to do it is to use strace utility.

    sudo strace -e 'trace=!read,recvfrom,recvmsg,stat64,sched_yield,sendto,clock_gettime,getpid,rt_sigreturn,rt_sigaction,fstat64,write,futex,mmap,mmap2,munmap,ioctl,_llseek,close' -e 'signal=!all' -p `pidof et.x86`

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  • @chuj that's to be expected

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  • P

    Re: Nexus Annihilation weird problem everything works great then after a month or so same servers i join press F9 no nexus, i have tried deleteing nexus config and starting new, deleteing nexus locataion for et manin amd starting new, still wont work. tried deleting silent folders etc again nothing. Only solution that seems to work is delete et, reinstall and its good again. this has happened at least 5 times to me anyone else have this issue, admin is there a fix or something you know. Any help will appreciate. Thanks

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  • L

    Few new servers being used for scrims. Protected by some sort of anti-cheat. Any fix for this?

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  • G

    @jan patched sadly will try to find new method..

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