• ETH stands for Enemy Territory Hack, it is the most advanced hack, while still being light and thus compatible with multiple mods.

    Features / Settings AIMBOT Auto aim On / Off Auto shoot On / Left Button / Off Auto shoot type Enemy visible / Trigger Aim priority Head / Head/body / Head only Target priority Nearest / Crosshair Aimbot FOV 0 → 360 Hitbox Aiming etmain / etpub / etpro / Generic Realhead / Off Enemy prediction type Auto / Ping based / Acceleration & Speed based / Off Pred correction -200 → 0 Self prediction On / Off Aimbot Misc Nudge Hack (ping spoof) Snap Delay Box expand Interpolation Sniper weapon delay Anti weapon overheat Anti recoil Aim at dead player Block mouse when aiming Satchel autoshoot Autocrouch Humanized Aimbot Human aim On / Off Human value 0.10 (obvious) → 0.20 (hard to spot) (0 = pure aimbot) DivHuman 1.00 → 2.00 (maximum distance between the target and the crosshair) Vertical Speed 1.00 (correct) → 2.00 (very fast) Horizontal Speed 1.00 (correct) → 1.5 (very fast) Randomized Aim On / Off Shake Frequency 400 → 5000 (ms) Random Factor X 0 → 500 Random Factor Y 0 → 500 Visual Visuals On / Off RailTrail On / Off Bodybox On / Off Headbox On / Off Draw Aim Fov On / Off Radar Style Basic / Pro / Off Radar Size Small / Medium / Big / Huge Radar fixed On - Off Radar fix X-pos 0 → screen width Radar fix Y-pos 0 → screen heaght Sniperhack (walk while scoped) Sniper black area removal Remove weapons zoom On / Off mortars Trace Enemy spawntimer Smoke Leave normal / Make transparent / Remove completely Trees Leave normal / Remove leafs Draw crosshair On / Off CVAR Hack Show tris Display polygons edges Show normals Display the normal of every polygons faces Picmip hack Set lowest texture detail (openGL) Fog Enable/Disable fog Atmospheric FX Disable/Enable Atmospheric Effects (like rain) Draw foliage Display/Hide foliage Gun X Change x position of the gun Gun Y Change y position of the gun Gun Z Change z position of the gun ESP Wallhack Wallhack colors customisation Chams Glow / Flat / Quake3 / Transparent Flat / Plasma / Ghost Head-Up Dynamic Light ESP size Distance scaled / Static ESP Fade color toggle Auto / Manual Fade color (30% → 100%) Distance 500 → Unlimited Player names Everyone / Opposite Team / Own getTeam / Friends only / Custom / Off Player name colors Game color / Unicolor Player name background On / Off Player icons On / Off Player icons background On / Off Missile On / Off Landmine Spotting On / Off Items On / Off (Ammo / Health / Stands / Weapons) Dynamite counter Spycam Mortars cam Mortars cam height 300 → 1000 Panzer cam Satchel cam Mirror cam Grenade cam Grenade cam height 300 → 1000 Grenade line On / Off Rifle cam Rifle cam height 300 → 1000 Rifle line On / Off Misc Step 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 / 10 / 100 Spectator list (see who's specing you) Remove spectator locking Remove inactivity kick Referee counter List with nicks / Number of refs only / Off PunkBuster Screenshot Clean / Spoofed / Black / Off ETPro OS Spoof linux / win32 Spoof cl_guid On / Off Spoof etpro_guid On / Off Spoof MAC On / Off Internal CVAR unlocker CVAR range hack Punkbuster restricted cvar unlocker Anti md5 file check tools (pk3 checksum bypass pure server) Command /eth_set <eth cvar> /eth_unban generate new etkey → change cl_guid → rename to ETPlayer (default name) /etpro_guid <guid>

    Most of the settings are configurable from the GUI, and are loaded and saved in ethconf file.
    The first time you will run ETH, a random cl_guid, etpro_guid, cg_ident and cl_mac will be generated in ethconf.
    If you want a new random one, simply delete on of those line.
    You can specify a custom pk3 name in ethconf (pk3=*****.pk3).

    Compatibility Linux 32 and 64 bit ET 2.60b and ET:Legacy v2.75 i386 Etpub all Etpro 3.2.6 Jaymod 2.2.0 Silent 0.8.x - 0.9.0 NQ all Nitmod all Detection Status PunkBuster Proof Forever NxAC Proof Silent AC Proof UnityHub Proof Dependencies gcc zlib libx11 libgl1-mesa libelf-dev binutils-dev Available soon LINUX ONLY Not working on Windows Windows equivalent is Nexus Annihilation

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