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  • The end

    Hello ladies and gents, I regret to announce that I will no longer be maintaining Nexus due to personal circumstances. The forum and authentication server will shutdown in august 2021.
    Registration and donation are now closed.

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  • @megvadulthangya seems like an outdated instruction, all the files are there

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  • M

    @annihil cant config that one couse i think missing files not just cfg's.
    The Readme install says:
    |9 Steps to Run EThax GooD Look :)| Tutorial by Immortal

    Download EThax 0.1 "Remember EThax is not Release and not open source dont give anyone this verssion" Link:

    Annihil you have that file somewhere? Please

    you would look under your bed ?? :D

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  • @megvadulthangya yeah iirc ETH has auto offsets finding and it works on nq :)

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