The entire Bayview Metals fabrication facility shows our pride in producing quality custom metal products.
We truly deliver.

The entire Bayview Metals fabrication facility shows our pride in producing quality custom metal products.
We truly deliver.


All equipment and infrastructure within the building is completely owned, maintained and improved by Bayview Metals. We take great pride in producing the finest parts for our customers at price points that fit their budgets.

Design & Engineering

Using Solidworks 3D Design CAD and Sheet Metal CAM software allows for solid models (Iges, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, etc), two (2) dimensional drawings in any format, or even hand-drawn sketches or physical samples to be quickly designed and/or CAM programmed into our system. Built-in job travelling work instructions and time estimations are calculated to ensure quality, and a smooth lean process through production.


For many years Bayview Metals operated out of one manufacturing facility. As our business grew and our customers needs changed, we expanded and operate a second facility that does after finishing assembly work, while adding customer identification or marking details through silk screening or other marking methods.

The second facility is also utilized for packaging, warehousing and delivery. Inventory is protected, packaged, and stored to preserve quality and await its shipment. We maintain a fleet of trucks in order to service the local delivery needs of our customers. We also arrange any other shipping requirements out of this facility, and currently ship worldwide.


Scheduled preventive maintenance on all machinery to keep them running accurately and efficiently and reduce the chance of breakdown. Further reducing production downtime.

Recent complete renovation of all lighting to new energy efficient LED technology. With more lumens than the older fluorescent tubes, the entire facility is much brighter. Reduces carbon footprint and overhead costs. With a very well-lit production floor; organization, and ability to view and inspect parts for specifications and defects is enhanced.

New roof system: Better insulation to reduce carbon footprint. Complete coverage of rubber membrane eliminates possibilities of leaking, damaging customer inventory, or machinery required for production. Reducing risk of damage, and/or production interruption.

Gated property, alarm system monitored, with IP cameras inside and out to enhance security.

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